** The core function of the Tender Board is to organize the tendering process which includes:


– Registering the companies to participate in a tender.
– Reviewing the tender documents received from the ministries to be floated.
– Floating the tender and selling the documents to qualified companies.
– Publishing the tenders on the tender website www.tender-committee.com, in local newspapers and Journals.
– Checking the evaluation report received from the ministries.
– Sending the recommendation report to the Tender Board committee for awarding of the tender.
– Checking variation orders for the awarded projects.




  1. Current Tenders :



2. Previous Tenders :

MY/MTPCB/B4673990/2015/A2A ::::::::: CLOSED

MY/MTPCB/B4673991/2015/A2 ::::::::: CLOSED

MY/MTPCB/B4673994/2015/A2 ::::::::: CLOSED

MY/MTPCB/B4673998/2015/E3 ::::::::: CLOSED