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The Malaysia Tender Procurement Committee Board (MTPCB) is the government contracting authority saddled with the responsibility of procurement of goods and services on behalf of the government. We ensure accountability and transparency of appropriated funds for procurement of product line of goods and services by the government through tenders from veritable and reliable companies locally and internationally that can handle huge government projects. Bidding products must be of high quality and international standard as they are for government procurement.



– To ensure financial compliance revenue of Bidders/Contractors

– Coordinating and management of contract life cycle

– Ensuring that goods and services acquired through the Procurement Team are of international standard and money value.

– Making the goods accessible at more appealing prices in order to enhance the image of the country for prospective visitors



– Bidding Form: MUST be purchased from the Office of the Secretary to the Malaysia Tender Procurement Committee Board (MTPCB) with a non refundable fee of RM 2,200.00 MYR

– Letter of Intent/Application: Bidders are to put forth an application indicating interest to participate in a particular ongoing tender reference number.

– Quotation of Products: Bidding companies tender quotations must be on Ex-Works or FOB basis. Prices of goods must be in Dollars ($), Euros (€) or Pounds (£).

– Company Profile/Introduction: Bidders should submit a formal introduction of their company, for the Tender Procurement Committee Board (MTPCB) to know them comprehensively.

– Full Description of Bidding Products: Bidders should provide adequate information about their bidding products (Including lucid photos where necessary)

– Bidding Companies are to bid with their standard product specification and best quality.

– Bidding documents must be drawn up preferably on the Tenderer’s headed paper endorsed by the Company’s President/CEO or Director for authentication purposes.

– Bidders must address their bidding documents to our office address.

– Quotations from companies that are experiencing financial flop will be rejected as such company may not utilize government funds for the purpose for which it was meant for.

NOTE:  Private contact between the any member of the Contracting Authority and any Tender Company is prohibited, salvage and exceptionally in cases where clarification of the tender dossier is necessary. Should a tender company need any explanation prior to the Bid, such request should be called to the attention of the Tender Board through their local representative/agent and attendant responses will be published by the Tender Board Chairman as a circular.



– Submission of bids: Bids/offers must be by hand submission to the office of the Secretary, Tender Procurement Committee Board (MTPCB) through any of our accredited Agent that will function as a local tender Representative for the company throughout the tender bidding contest.



Tender Submission/Registration fee is categorized.

Category A – RM 7,150.00
Category B – RM 5,150.00
Category C – RM 4,150.00

Company registration with this Honorable Tender Procurement Board is mandatory for every establishment/company that had never participated in any Malaysian competitive tender before and does not have an active registration status with this Honorable Tender Procurement Board. Establishments/Companies with active registration status with this Honorable Tender Procurement Board will be granted a free registration/participation in any ongoing tender that is related to their line of product.



Submitted bids will be opened by the Honorable Tender Committee Board within two working days of the bid submission. Pre-qualified/nominated companies with a good business reputation, realistic quotations and required product line will be contacted for their tender offer acknowledgement.



Nomination Criteria involves critical scrutiny of companies and bidders that produces quality products and services that meet the needs of the public and money value. Bidders are nominated based on production experience, financial integrity and better economic standing. Supplier’s selection criteria are habitually in consonance with the veritable recommendations and assurances from an accredited Agent to this Honorable Tender Procurement Board that is standing as a local tender Representative for the bidding company. Such Agent must have had clue about the commending business performances of the particular company that he/she is introduced to this Honorable Tender Procurement Board.



Successful/nominated companies that have successfully accepted/signed contract with this Honorable Tender Procurement Board will receive their mobilization payment within ten (10) working days of contract acceptance and endorsement. Payment Terms to any successful company remains 70% (advanced) by bank wire transfer or letter of credit upon contract endorsement before their production and supply of ordered goods.



Vital/Administrative Procedures for all successfully nominated suppliers through any competitive tender reference number short listed below.

(1). Registration of the supplier’s proforma invoice in the high court of Malaysia, through the company’s local tender Representative.

(2). Contract Acceptance Formalities.

(3). Contract Signing and Legal Binding Formalities.

(4). Contract Payment Formalities and Contract Fund Transfer.

Successfully nominated suppliers will be duly and formally informed by this Honorable Tender Procurement Board of every administrative requirement for any of the above mentioned formalities.

For enquires and clarifications on any point mentioned above, contact one of our accredited Agents or contact us directly on enquiries@tender-committee.com

Tender Invitation Notice for each tender reference number, short listed below has been forwarded to our Accredited Agents according to the specific tender reference number in which the Agent is nominated or qualified to present and represent a company.

Nota Bene: (a) All stipulated guidelines and instructions of the Tender Procurement Committee Board must be strictly adhered to by bidding companies. (b) Strict compliance with the tendering procedures is compulsory for selected/successful companies as wanton promulgation of official correspondences of the Contracting Authority may result to outright disqualification of selected companies.



1. MY/MTPCB/B500000/2017/P4
2. MY/MTPCB/B500001/2017/J6

Office Address: Project Monitoring & Procurement Committee can be contacted at its registered office: Block D1, Parcel D, Administrative Center, Federal Territory, 62546 Putrajaya, Malaysia.